Dating Diagnosis: $500


Expert advice on how to yield better dating results.  I''ll conduct a full diagnostic review: make sure you're on the correct app(s), edit or create your profile, organize and focus your dating search and delve into your chat history to see where we can improve your dating game.  After the assessment, we'll discuss clear instructions on how to succeed.

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Dating Diagnosis Plus:  $1000


Everything offered in the Dating Diagnosis package plus dating coaching for a month.

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The Whole Shebang: $2,500 for the first month ($2,000 each additional month)


Dating is overwhelming and can feel like a full time job.  Think of me as your fairy godmother for online dating.  I do the "work" and you show up on the date.  Exhale: I'll handle it now. ​ This option is everything listed above plus I'm literally on the dating apps swiping and messaging for you...as you.  

*I take a limited number of  The Whole Shebang clients per month.*