Expert advice on how to yield better dating results. A great profile increases your match rate but dating apps aren’t just about matching—matching is just the beginning! There’s a strategy involved for converting messages to meets. And there’s strategy involved for successfully advancing the dating process. This package includes 2 profiles as well as my dating manual on how to best use the apps—this will save you time, improve results, and add fun to the dating process!




We walk through the dating app process in real-time, daily, for a week. We Zoom, from your phone, so that I can be on an app with you and see you in action. I offer guidance live--when you need it. Clients use this educational week to learn where their technique and strategy need improvement: saving time, increasing conversion rate, and getting to better dates faster. 

We also build out your keyboard shortcuts to save you time using an app. Your profile is created and organized for easy exchanges and to optimize your conversion rate from messaging to video chat/IRL meet. This structure means that matches will ask you the same questions repeatedly. There’s no reason to write out the same response over and over again—it’s too time-consuming and often the reason why people aren’t consistent on the apps. We set up keyboard shortcuts for each talking point on your profile. I also provide language models for conversion and follow-through that have been tested on thousands of matches that yield a 95% success rate. 

*This package is only available after completing the SUCCESS package.

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Dating is overwhelming and can feel like a full-time job, investing lots of time with liitle success unfortunately. Think of me as your fairy godmother for dating. This package includes ghostwriting and coaching for a month. I'm literally on the dating apps swiping, screening and messaging for you. It's important to note that the apps are for connecting, not dating. As a dating expert, I help create opportunities, improve dating results and offer support through the dating journey--both on and off the apps. 

* This package is only available after completing the Success Package. Please note that I take a limited number of The Whole Shebang clients per month.*